The Academy introduces Literary Cocktails

To mark World Book Day on Thursday, March 5, The Academy has introduced a selection of Literary Cocktails for book lovers and locals alike to enjoy at the hotel’s Alchemy Bar.

To mark World Book Day on Thursday, March 5,  The Academy has introduced a selection of Literary Cocktails to enjoy at the hotel’s Alchemy Bar.

Inspired by the hotel’s Bloomsbury location, the new drinks pay homage to famous authors, artists, and creative visionaries from the past and present. They have been created by the hotel’s Alchemist.

Signature new Literary Cocktails at The Academy Hotel include:

The Bloomsbury intellectual Leonard Woolf started The Hogarth Press in 1917 as a hobby for his wife Virginia. He felt the distraction would help her mental health but Hogarth went on to become a great success especially during the 1930s. During the same period the Old Fashioned Cocktail made a comeback at the end of Prohibition to become the tipple of choice in America again. The Old Fashioned Leonard is dedicated to Virginia’s husband for standing by his wife. (£15.95)
Tanqueray gin was first distilled in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in Bloomsbury and this cocktail is named after Virginia Woolf’s novel. To the Lighthouse is itself a literary distillation of Virginia’s childhood memories of happy summers spent in St Ives in Cornwall. (£18.95)
Vanessa Bell’s sister Virginia Woolf once described Vanessa’s paintings as ravishing as a rainbow, like sunlight crystallised. Vanessa whose love life was as colourful and cosmopolitan as the negroni which was invented in 1919 in Caffe Cassoni in Florence. The Belloni Cocktail is Vanessa Bell’s version of the the classic negroni. (£9.95)
As an artist and critic Roger Fry was a leading figure in early 20th century British art, experimenting with colour and abstraction. As a man he was feisty, passionate and colourful. This version of a Tequila Sunrise with fresh lime, orange passionfruit garnished with chilli is dedicated to possibly the most multi-talented Bloomsbury personality. (£10.95)