The K Bar launches Terroir cocktail menu

The K Bar at The Kensington hotel has announced the launch of its new cocktail menu which takes inspiration from the world’s best-loved wine regions in Europe.

The K Bar at The Kensington Hotel has announced the launch of its new cocktail menu which takes inspiration from the world’s best-loved wine regions in Europe.

Each cocktail on the new menu – entitled Terroir - is designed to showcase the characteristics of different wines.

Bar manager Salvatore Maggio, head mixologist Dominique Kokkala and master of wine Anne McHale have created the menu and have devised 15 drinks that are blended to match the type of local produce that can be found in the native region.

The cocktails showcase a journey around the Old World wines of Europe. They are inspired by the characteristics and flavours imparted by a selection of the world’s most celebrated terroirs. Each new cocktail has a page dedicated to the fundamental factors that impact the terroir which has influenced the drink. This outlines the characteristics of the region, the tasting notes and prominent flavours of the wines produced there, the main grape varieties, local produce and surrounding produce.

The menu includes options such as the 45th Parallel (Remy Martini VSOP, Evangelista Ratafia, Syrah Jus, Blackberry, Citrus - £16). Linked to the region of Bordeaux: A gravelly, humid maritime climate, positioned halfway between the Equator and North Pole on the ‘45th parallel’.

Vineyard to Vineyard (Villa Ascienti, Chardonnay Jus, Vanilla, Marmalade, Pear, Salty Celery - £17). Influenced by the region of Meursault: Jurassic Marl and limestone soil, tiny vineyard parcels, varying quality classifications, soils differ vastly from ‘Vineyard to Vineyard’.

Float On (Bulleit Bourbon, Carpano Antica Formula, Grapefruit, Cranberry, Rioja, Blackberry, Almond - £17). Influenced by the region of Rioja: Hot and dry with altitude moderating heat and three distinct sub-regions.

The new Bar Bites menu has also taken inspiration from a variety of the world’s most renowned wine regions in Europe. For example the Chickpea Panisses with ratatouille represents Provence and showcases the identity of the terroir found in that region. Also available are Rias Baixas Padrón peppers with smoked paprika bread crumbs influenced by the region of Rias Baixas and Polenta chips with truffle crème fraîche which pulls inspiration from Rioja.

Alongside the 15 cocktails, The K Bar has added a collection of spirits which all claim to express a deep sense of their terroir in their own respects.