Hotel guests want plastic alternatives

Hotel guests want plastic alternatives

Recent statistics from YouGov show that only 29% of hospitality and leisure businesses have replaced some or all of their single-use plastics with more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

A separate survey of 1,528 Brits has been carried out to see which commonly-used plastic items in hotels they would most like to see fully replaced with sustainable and environmentally-friendly options.

The findings revealed that Brits would most like hotels to replace plastic carrier bags and plastic bin bags with compostable bags, reusable carrier bags (such as cotton and linen) and paper bags (85%).

Meanwhile, 79% would appreciate hotels taking the initiative to stop using plastic water bottles and instead provide water in refillable glasses or aluminium bottles.
A key item for branding purposes, 66% of respondents to the survey carried out by, said they would opt for hotels to provide wooden or bamboo pens over plastic pens.
An essential service for many travellers – 61% prefer hotels to give them a reusable cotton or linen laundry bag rather than a plastic one.

Furthermore, it was discovered that half of Brits questioned believe plastic door hangers (e.g. ‘please do not disturb’ and ‘please clean my room’ signs) should be substituted for door hangers made from wood or bamboo.

However, only 26% think courtesy slippers should be provided in a cotton or linen bag as opposed to being in plastic packaging.

Yoon Sterkenburg, co-founder of says: “Hotels can be the key drivers within the hospitality and leisure sector to adopt and promote eco-friendly initiatives. With plastic being heavily relied upon for numerous aspects within hotels, its use can be significantly cut down.”