Why Consistency in Coffee Matters

Why Consistency in Coffee Matters


Why do you select the services and suppliers you work with? Of the many answers, one will be ‘consistency.’ The one thing we all want from our service providers is reliability. To receive the expected time and time again. Coffee is no exception.

Why should you care about coffee?

Coffee can seem a minor part of a hospitality business. But with up to 95 million cups a day being consumed in the UK, and Brits averaging a £676 coffee spend per person, coffee quality matters.

The coffee you serve can make or break you as a destination. And selling good coffee irregularly, is as bad as selling poor coffee constantly. So, what can you do to get it right every time?

What can influence the quality of coffee?

There’s more to coffee than the type of bean. Flavour is influenced by:
• Growing conditions
• The roast of the beans
• The grinding and packing of the beans
• Extraction time and water speed
• The temperature of the water
All these variables can make it difficult to maintain a particular standard.

How to take control of your coffee for absolute consistency

With revolutionary Dynamic Coffee Assist technology, the WMF 1500 S+ takes the hassle out of professional coffee making. It has been designed to monitor the grinding degree and quantity of coffee grounds, automatically adjusting brewing and extraction time to make the best quality espresso possible, while reducing unnecessary waste. Because every impression is as important as the first, WMF make sure that your coffee quality never falters.

Customers value consistency because it makes life easier. They want to know that you can deliver the expected. Every time. And with coffee being such a strong hook, taking control of the quality with consistency could seriously improve your profits.