The Secret to Improved Communication at the One & Only Palmilla Hotel

The Secret to Improved Communication at the One & Only Palmilla Hotel


Staff at the One & Only Palmilla and Golf Hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico have successfully transitioned from traditional analogue radios to the latest Hytera DMR Solution. This has enabled the hotel to better keep track of and locate their co-workers – even across the property’s 27-hole golf course.

Staying a Step Ahead in the Hospitality Industry

Hytera DMR radios in daily use at Palmilla Hotel include 350 PD705 terminals for the area of operation in the complex, 100 PD605 terminals for use specifically at the golf course, and a few PD785 devices for senior management staff.

This mixture of GPS enabled DMR radios successfully solves the problem of locating co-workers throughout the resort.

“Palmilla has always been a technology innovator in the hotel industry in Baja California Sur. Based on that, and our usage of a state-of-the-art digital radio solution that provides exceptional audio quality and GPS localisation of the golf course staff equipment, we achieve top user satisfaction,” comments Alfredo Villaseñor, CEO of Communications.

The Hytera DMR Solution replaced the analogue radio system the hotel had in place, with the decision to change following the aftermath of a hurricane. Migrating to the DMR System helped the hotel stay a step ahead of the game whilst remaining compliant with the IFETEL’s digital migration regulations.

The Hytera DMR Solution supports logistics tasks, but also supplements security operations through a centralised controller. This provides additional functionality such as groups to be interconnected by means of a dispatch console, as well as alarms and warnings to be generated for users who require help quickly.

To provide your hotel with an extra layer of security, Hytera also offers a range of bodycams to ensure your staff safety.

Studies have shown that bodycams can help to deter verbal abuse and aggression, as people often calm down if they know they are being filmed, what make them essential for any customer-facing role.