California Walnut Industry Expects Increased Crop Yield for 2018-19

California Walnut Industry Expects Increased Crop Yield for 2018-19

As global demand grows for California Walnuts, the recently announced 2018 crop estimate is 10% ahead of 2017. During August the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) in California released the annual crop estimate for California walnuts, predicting the 2018 annual yield to be 690,000 tons.

The 2018 estimate is 10 percent higher than the 2017 crop and is less than one percent higher than the 2016 crop of 689,000 tons. According to California Walnut Commission (CWC) Chairman Bill Carriere, “This year presents a unique set of challenges as a result of increased tariffs in three of our key markets, however we continue to see strong demand for California Walnuts both domestically and internationally. With California Walnuts’ exceptional quality and taste, our industry is confident that we will meet the growing global demand.”
Despite increased tariffs in China, India and Turkey, the CWC is cautiously optimistic that ongoing negotiations will resolve these issues. The CWC will continue to support programs in all markets, including the tariff affected countries, where it has active export marketing programs. The three markets affected accounted for an estimated 15.4% of the 2017/18 crop year-to-date.

“Despite these challenges in some of our global markets, we are encouraged by strong consumer demand as well as recent product innovation,” said Michelle Connelly, Executive Director of the California Walnut Board and Chief Executive Officer of the California Walnut Commission. “Consumers around the world enjoy California Walnuts because they add nutritious crunch to meals and snacks throughout the day while also offering a wide variety of health benefits.”

In the UK, in anticipation of positive news on the new crop estimates, work took place over the summer with senior members of the UK’s foodservice industry to help inspire and encourage increased usage of California Walnuts. During late August four of the UK’s top foodservice professional chefs visited Napa, California. The purpose of the trip was to create new cutting-edge recipes, featuring California Walnuts, aimed at building awareness and volume of CA Walnuts across the UK foodservice industry.

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