I hope the new year is treating you well so far. For many of us, of course, the start of the year inspires a lot of post-holiday health concerns and a resolution to adopt a healthier lifestyle – encouraged by campaigns such as Veganuary and Dry January.
Hotel F&B operations have embraced these trends and capitalised on them through alcohol-free cocktail menus and new vegan menus, as well as alternative approaches to special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. We cover this and more in this issue’s news pages.
Elsewhere, we have informative features on filtered and glass bottled water, pan-Asian food and drink, allergens and food labelling, to name a few.
 In Tried & Tasted, we head to sunny Mallorca to catch up with the head chef at Zafiro Palace Alcúdia.
This issue’s chef interview is with Richard McLellan from Wilder restaurant at the Boundary in London, where the menu concept is about celebrating seasonality and producers who are treating the world ethically and with respect.
Like enhanced vegan food and alcohol-free offerings, it’s another fascinating example of ways in which our trade is reflecting the changing concerns of its customers.

Enjoy the read!

Jill Sayles