St. James’s Hotel & Club vegan breakfast

St. James’s Hotel & Club vegan breakfast

St. James’s Hotel & Club has introduced a new ‘Happiness in the City’ package, launching in July 2018.

As part of this happiness boosting offering, guests will be able to enjoy a bespoke turn-down service including sleep-inducing treats from the hotel’s executive head chef, William Drabble.

The healthy late-night snack combines tryptophan containing dates, cortisol-reducing almonds, and oats, whose minerals and amino acids promote the production of melatonin, to help send guests on their way to pleasant dreams. Also stocked within the rooms will be refreshing and hydrating Jeeva King Coconut Water, known to help give skin a healthy glow.

After a good night’s sleep, guests can set themselves up perfectly for the day ahead with a vegan breakfast menu.

Created with mood-boosting ingredients, such as antioxidant-packed berries, immunity strengthening manuka honey, as well as energising nuts and avocado, the menu is packed with nutrients, as well as flavour, making it great for vegans and the health conscious.

Hero dishes, which can also be made to be dairy-free, include chickpea shakshuka, a vegan omelette with avocado and tomato, quinoa chia porridge with almond milk, fruit and nuts and a carrot, orange and turmeric immunity-boosting juice.