Lowry hotel offers digital detox in restaurant

Lowry hotel offers digital detox in restaurant

To get back to basics and to promote old fashioned family values, the Lowry Hotel in Manchester is launching a digital detox over the summer holidays to get families talking to each other and away from their screens.

The idea comes after a recent study by the Oxford University found that the rise in technology in the past decade could be damaging teenagers’ social skills as they are spending too much time in front of a screen and not enough time interacting with friends and family face-to-face.

Staff at the hotel’s The River Restaurant have observed that at the table some teenagers seem to pay more attention to their smart phones than to each other and to their parents.

In time for the summer holidays, the hotel is asking guests if they wish to relinquish their cherished technology in the name of family bonding.

The Lowry Hotel has launched their digital detox plan in time for the school holidays in the hope that families will take advantage of this tech free time and interact with each other rather than on social media.

Families can relinquish their technology for just dinner, or if they are brave enough for their whole stay at the hotel.

Mobile phones will be confiscated to the Lowry Hotel’s assigned technology safe, along with I-pods, hand held consoles and tablets.

A deck of cards will be placed on every table at the restaurant and board games are available in rooms on request.

Adrian Ellis, general manager at the Lowry Hotel, said, “We at the Lowry Hotel have noticed when families come to stay, either for a short break or just dinner, certain members of the family, most often teenagers will devote most of their time to their technology.”

“Our technology safe will offer a light-hearted welcomed digital detox for families to reconnect with one another – and not online but in the real world.

“There might be some initial resistance, but time with our families is precious and after a few games of cards we are sure our young guests will forget all about their Facebook and Instagram updates.”